The main Terms&Conditions for Miles&Smiles members who prefer to redeem Miles on Shop&Miles website or on directed program partner website, mobile application and/or physical store are as follows:

It is the responsibility of Miles&Smiles members to read, understand and accept the Terms&Conditions related to the brand/product, in the part below of this paragraph. All members who convert Miles are deemed to have accepted all the following and brand/product-specific Terms&Conditions.


  1. Turkish Airlines and Miles&Smiles Program Partners reserve the right to change, cancel or stop the conditions of campaign and website.
  2. The Terms&Conditions of all brands that provide MilesPoint conversion, MilesPay conversion and Gift Card conversion differs. It is the member's responsibility to read, understand and accept the brand/product specific Terms&Conditions from the relevant brand/product page and/or platform of the program partner.
  3. The conditions for signing into Shop&Miles and Program Partners platforms and redeeming Miles are listed below:
  4. Shop&Miles is only available in Türkiye. There are no refunds, cancellations or changes in Miles conversion.

    All membes should provide their signing preference, password and the verification code properly at the signing.

    Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus status members can start redeeming their Miles by signing into Shop&Miles or Program Partner Platforms without any further verification step.

    Turkish citizens of Classic status members: Identity information stated in Miles&Smiles membership and Turkish ID number must match with MERNIS information.

    Classic status members registered abroad: In case they request to receive service from Turkey, they must submit their applications to us via the Feedback Form

  5. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to request additional verification (Turkish ID number, ID, passport, personal application, etc.) from Miles&Smiles member to redeem Miles at Shop&Miles and/or Program Partner Platforms.
  6. The product(s)/service(s) provided with Miles, redeemed on Shop&Miles and/or Program Partner Platforms’ cannot be used for commercial purposes and/or converted into cash. In case of detection, all legal and indemnification rights of Turkish Airlines are reserved.
  7. In case of any doubt, Turkish Airlines and Miles&Smiles Program Partners have the right to cancel, suspend or return Miles without prior notice to Miles&Smiles members.
  8. Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible to Miles&Smiles members for any problems that may arise due to typographical errors (product/service name, Miles value, product/service cost, product/service rules & conditions). 
  9. The e-mail address registered in Miles&Smiles membership must be up-to-date for the correct delivery of transactional e-mails.
  10. The Miles transaction notification e-mail is sent only for once, after the Miles payment transaction is completed.
  11. Members can only shop with Miles at Shop&Miles.
  12. The responsibility of Turkish Airlines towards to member ends with the successful completion of Miles transactions and the related notification sent to the member.
  13. The relevant program partner company will be responsible for all material and moral damages that may occur due to the product/service for which Miles are converted to. The address of all questions and complaints that may arise due to the product/service received will be the relevant program partner company.

  14. Ownership and the risk of loss of the product/service provided with Miles belongs to the member. Turkish Airlines (Shop&Miles) cannot be held responsible for theft, loss, damage or unauthorized use of gift cards.
  15. It is not allowed to redeem Miles if “I have read, understood, accept the Terms&Conditions” field is not approved.
  16. You can check “Terms&Conditions” page on the Shop&Miles web site as well. 
  17. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to cancel the Miles&Smiles member account, invalidate the Miles and/or awards earned until that time, stop and cancel the Miles redeeming process and the product/service provided, in case of any violation of Miles&Smiles membership Terms&Conditions is detected.
  18. Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible in case of gift cards are lost, stolen, destroyed or used by third parties without permission.
  19. All gift cards are issued on behalf of the Miles&Smiles member, who redeems Miles.
  20. In order for Miles to be converted into program partner loyalty program points, the personal information in both memberships must be the same and the account matching processes must be completed.
  21. Gift cards are sent to the e-mail address registered in Miles&Smiles membership account once the order is placed successfully. The member is responsible for keeping the e-mail address up-to-date.
  22. No invoice is issued by Turkish Airlines for the Miles redemption. After the redemption made at the program partner, a receipt/invoice will be issued by the relevant program partner.
  23. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change or abolish the Miles&Smiles program and/or its cooperation with partner organizations within the scope of the program, in whole or in part, at any time, subject to a reasonable notice. These rules will be binding for all members once they are announced in the Turkish Airlines call center, website or Turkish Airlines sales offices. Turkish Airlines has the exclusive possession of an absolute rights of the Miles&Smiles program. 
  24. Members cannot claim rights and Miles refund on expired Gift Cards, MilesPoints and MilesPay campaigns.
  25. The interpretation, implementation and dispute resolution of this Miles&Smiles loyalty program is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes.
  26. Miles&Smiles member accepts, declares and undertakes not to share their membership information with third parties. Turkish Airlines will not be responsible for any damages that may arise in violation of this article, and the Miles&Smiles member will be solely responsible.
  27. Unless otherwise required by law, gift cards, MilesPoints and MilesPay conversions converted from Shop&Miles and/or Program Partner platforms cannot be returned to Miles&Smiles membership, exchanged for a different transaction and/or transferred under any circumstances.